The Scentual Soul

Mela-No-More Salve

30 USD
While herbalists and aromatherapists are not doctors and cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease state in the USA, there has been much research in recent years pointing to specific herbs and essential oils that can help alleviate many different issues of today. While the recommendation is to ask your doctor before starting any herbal therapies, sadly, your doctor is not trained in herbal or nutritional medicines. Therefore, since it is simply not in their toolbox, they usually play it safe and tell you to avoid herbs, supplements, and food as medicines. Please use your intuition and educated wisdom to decide what feels authentic to you on your journey to health!

Use Instructions: Apply 1-2x daily to affected areas, rubbing into the area or growth. Please expect to use consistently over several months to see desired result. Caution when applying before bed, as you may see grease stains on bedding! Feedback is greatly appreciated as we gather anecdotal personal stories on this product so we can share with others! 


Calendula infused sunflower oil*,  jojoba oil*, sesame oil*, rose hip seed oil, castor oil*, camelia sinensis (green tea) oil, beeswax, and a proprietary blend of pure therapeutic grade essential essences researched and proven to have therapeutic validity! The FDA requires a statement advising this product is not intended to diagnose, treat or heal any disease. *Denotes organic ingredient. 2 fl. Oz.