The Scentual Soul
About The Scentual Soul...

The study of medicinal aromatherapy over the past 17 years has changed me completely. The essences have opened my heart and freed my spirit, allowing me to see things the way they truly are. When you understand the balance within nature, and both trust in and live in harmony with the laws of nature, you can then begin to live in the love paradigm.

In addition to the study of medicinal aromatherapy, I have also studied Native American medicine, herbal medicine, energy healing, etc. I have spent time researching the myriad of chemicals used in making the wide majority of bodycare products we use on a daily basis. With the knowledge that we absorb about 50% of what we put on our skin, in 2001, I chose to create an alternative for those who desire to be in balance with Mother Earth. If you are one of these souls, welcome to The Scentual Soul! Many blessings to you as you open the door to your journey back home to Mother Earth!! 

Medicinal/Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Essences)

There are many brands of essential oils on the market today, as well as many products that contain essences. There are many levels of quality within the realm of essential oils. This can become very confusing, especially when you are just beginning to learn about the essences. The words "100% pure" on the label do not mean you are getting a high quality product. The Scentual Soul uses only the highest quality essential essences in all products.  Please note that when you read an ingredient list and see words such as 'd-limonene' and 'linalool', that these are only parts of an essential oil, either natural or synthetic, but separated in any case from the whole which completely changes the outcome of using the product. There is no balance and harmony, at the very least, that you would get from the plant in its natural form. "Too many oils today come from the processing plant. These are typically not synthetics, but are factory-mixed natural components (isolated from the oils of other plants), semisynthetics (a natural substance altered by a chemical reaction), and fragrance. ...For healing based on the interaction of plant substance with humans they are next to useless, because diversity and complexity of the plant has been substituted with cost-effective industrial surrogates. Processed oils are often self-evident by their unrealistically low price, achieved by clever manipulations much like the fast food burger for ninety-nine cents." - Kurt Schnaubelt

Our luscious products...

Contain NO sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, DEA, MEA, or TEA; propylene glycol, petroleum products or by-products, artificial preservatives, colorings, or fragrances of any kind! Most are vegan except for those containing beeswax or bear fat.
We DO use organic ingredients, but at this time do not have an organic certification. Those items that are not organic are wildcrafted, and we support Fair Trade items as well! All products are hand poured in prayer, and lovingly attuned in Quartz crystal singing bowls! We hope you enjoy your purchases and come back again. 
Many blessings!!!

Peace, Love and Light,
Sheryl Henkin-Kealey
Medicinal Aromatherapist